OSO ORO: Big Papo's Bara Book!

Some of the stills from the OSO ORO promo videos my buddies are sending me for the next event in June!

more bara type bears from the net

The grandpa of Bara, Tagame!  His work is often very cruel (too cruel for me) … but the beauty of his line and composition is always stunning.

more ebisu!  notice how romantic, accessible and hot his characters are… 

some more bara (even american stuff).

more bara bodies… 

more bill baker. perfect jiraiya body. ;)

Ah… more bara types from the internet… including Bill Baker!

Tai Chi is a great bara art who seems to be having a lot of fun with various graphic software. good job!


rycanthropy still rules the roost

a lot of interesting bara these days… all cribbed from the web… 

Kris Dim! Bara god.

Chris Dickerson, first black Mr. Olympia, is an inspiration for many a bara art piece. ;)

more assorted bara brilliance